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Welcome to Boot Graphics - the creative studio of Cees Boot. Established in 2016 and based in Bergen op Zoom (the Netherlands), Boot Graphics provides hand-made graphics, artwork and illustrations.

His work is strongly influenced by skateboard graphics, traditional arts and crafts, 70’s heavy rock, subculture ethics, screenprinting, organic textures and patterns in nature and the the striking colors of psychedelia. By mixing analog tools with digital techniques he has crafted his own vivid visual language that expands with each project.


Creating artwork that is visually appealing, mindful and authentic is what he strives for. His goal is to help clients, brands and small businesses build their identity by work that visually reflects a true core and establishes their message.

The work is idea-driven and based on a concept, because a strong foundation is important in order to create attractive artwork. Add in a boatload of mind-warping creativity and traditional art tools and techniques to achieve work that breathes personality. Working with clients that understand and appreciate it’s value is what he does best.